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How paid social media pays off

Your brand has spent time and resources growing your audience on your social channels. Now that your fans are in place, the focus is on keeping them interested and engaged with your message. Getting that message out organically, and waiting for all of your followers to naturally (and immediately!) engage with you on a daily basis is too much of a risk without paid social media. You need to be able to break through the content clutter. Paid social media drives community growth to get your content in front of consumers that are most likely to engage with and join your community. While paid social media works to get this content to your fans and increase their engagement with it, it also works alongside earned and owned media too. If your content isn’t seen through organic placement alone, paid social media helps to amplify that content to the right viewers. This allows us to work side by side with paid, owned, and earned strategies, and continue to build up audiences for your brand that are interacting with your content and sharing it with their networks, influencing friends to do the same.