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Reaching across the channels

75% of advertisers are now using paid social media to boost their advertising efforts. All major social channels offer a variety of ad products that need to be regularly monitored to ensure that your target consumers are viewing and engaging with them. Each social media platform has its own unique set of advertising opportunities. Some of these include post engagement, pages likes, website clicks, promoted tweets, sponsored photos, sponsored videos, promoted pins and more. We utilize each of these ad products to meet your specific goals and stay abreast of emerging opportunities that can be leveraged to boost your brand. All of these products come with targeting options that allow you to carefully choose who the ads will be served to, which guarantees your advertising budget is going towards the right audience. We are aware that our collective success weighs heavily on our ability to provide you with comprehensive reporting on your paid social media performance; therefore, we track every dollar spent, and provide you with in-depth reports tailored to your organization’s needs.