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If you build it, they will come! Unfortunately, this is just not true anymore when it comes to social media. In fact, you may be looking at it all wrong in the first place. You see, social media was never intended for marketers, it was designed to connect the world at scale and bring families and friends together at the intersection of technology. When these platforms were created, advertising was the last thing on the minds of these innovative entrepreneurs. However, like any business, it was essential for these social platforms to monetize their products and services to build sustainable growth. Since the dawn of advertising, brand marketers have invested significant financial resources into buying media placements for their ads, so why is there any doubt that it would be different for social media? Paid social media is your opportunity to ensure that you are speaking to your target audience and building authentic relationships, humanizing your brand. At Blackk Media we will work with you to integrate paid social media campaigns that work alongside your content marketing efforts and amplify your message, connecting you directly with consumers.